Turkish genocides in Afrin and Anatolia?

(Stern Daler) #1

The UNSC and the US should warn Turkey not to continue with its wars, genocides and ethnic cleansings and not single out Syria & Russia for the Ghouta campaign.

First reports about the situation in Afrin compare with the situation in East Anatolia during the last two years. Plunder, destruction, no water or food, indiscriminate shelling, personal atrocities - more than a hundred thousand refugees fleeing the area.

Prince Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, High Commissioner for Human Rights, should have called problems at their real name in his info on the Kurdish human rights situation. The Anglo-American educated Prince is blind on one eye – being of Sunni, Khalifah bloodline - he avoids to speak out against the Turkish President Erdogan. Who posses as Sultan, self declared leader of the Sunni Ummah.

The state of affairs in East Anatolia is an open secret. There is an UN/OHCHR report on it. Few took notice.


Normally You’d say: a genocide has started. See list of definitions/criteria of it e.g. in Wikipedia.

Turkish security forces selected citizens for their ethnic Kurdish origin. They reportedly killed civilians, sexually assaulted women, and committed other acts of torture. They beat, threatened at gunpoint, and fired at civilians, blocked the transfer of wounded to the hospital, deprived residents of food, safe drinking water and sanitation.

Not only Kurdish media report on it: UN report details violations of human rights against Kurds in southeast Turkey - The Region

Turkey answered to the OHCHR report by accusing the UN Human Rights envoy Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein of collaborating with terrorist organizations.