Palestinian resistance fighters kill illegal Israeli settler

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Originally published at: Palestinian resistance fighters kill illegal Israeli settler

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (11:50 P.M)- Earlier tonight, Palestinian resistance fighters reportedly fired upon an Israeli settler shuttle bus, killing a 35 year old, well known settler.

Al-Masdar News | AMN
Prominent settler killed, 35 years old

A settler shuttle bus was travelling near the village of Saraa (South Nablus) when armed men, who were described as Palestinian resistance fighters, opened fire upon the illegal settlers, heading to their racial colony.

35 year old Israeli settler, Rabbi Raziel Ben Elana, was wounded by bullets fired at the vehicle, later dying from his sustained injuries.

Hamas have made an announcement in support of, what they deemed, an act of “resistance”.

In retaliation military occupation forces have been deployed into various villages surrounding Nablus, carrying out raids. The gunmen have not yet been found, nor identified.

Israeli settlers have also taken to the streets of Nablus, firing at and injuring random Palestinians (no casualties yet).

A Palestinian man was also transported to hospital after settlers attacked his car, he was driving near to the scene of earliers attack.

Al-Masdar News | AMN
Al-Masdar News | AMN

(Daeshbags-Sux) #2

Robert Inlakesh :
So for you gunmen firing at a bus filled with civilians is an act of “resistance”?
I was certain that soon up or later you’d praise terrorism acts…
BTW, settlements are not illegal as the Oslo-2 agreement is not a law and your
"resistance fighters" are also violating the agreement, so are the calls to intifada,
moreover to knife-intifada, especially when made in Palestinian-Authority media or
UNRWA funded school where the courses PA has put in place promote such actions.
Hypocrite you are, Robert, even more than Netanyahu!
Is this how you pretend to be a so-called human rights activist?
By calling “resistance fighters” those assassinating an unarmed person?
Well, and why not calling the KKK resistance fighters as we are?
Does AMN promotes terrorism now?
Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting!

(Derrick Frost) #3

A small but powerful act for the ressistance netherless this will not deprave the Zionist blood thirsty psychopaths of their intentions. Still any ressistance is better than no ressistance and Israhell would need to change it radical policies if it wants peace. An occupier is an occupier doesn’t matter what race or religion. May the ressistance have a good year this 2018.

(Stern Daler) #4

Just like French resistance. And the Jewish milice are the criminals.

He emulates You and is pulling Your leg. :rofl:

(Daeshbags-Sux) #5

Not really : French resistance wasn’t into targetting buses or suicide bombings.
And ‘Palestinian’ is the romanisation of the Hebrew word for “invader”. This is enough meaningful… BTW, how could an “Arab” people opt for a name beginning with a “P” while this letter doesn’t even exists in Arab!

(Stern Daler) #6

I know they were targeting trains - no petrol for buses.

Bombing the Fascist Germans was suicide often enough.:wink:

So they must have been into that.

(Daeshbags-Sux) #7

Actually, resistance was very present in SNCF national railways company! They derailed their own trains, dude!
With 400,000+ combatants, not counting helpers, it was a real army acting in the shadows… Most of them were from the communist party, they were very very organised. Do you know that “allies” liberated very few towns? They were already liberated when they reached these! In fact, if you except beach landing in Normandy, “allies” just had to begin to fight in annexed regions (Elsass/Mosel) and the only serious battle was in the Ardennes (battle of the Bulge) which was pretty pussy compared to the 1940 battle of France or Stalingrad, Kursk, etc… In fact, despite the 1940 defeat, only the Russian kicked more Nazi butts than the French… Anglos in fact did “only” operated “population reduction” by carpet-bombing civilians in Germany… As they’ve always done…

(Stern Daler) #8

I know. Seen some French films full of cliché.

So the German occupation forces were in fact protecting French assets from the communists. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And that is why milice and French SS fought for them. :expressionless:

Wonder why the Allies had to come if this was so.

By France of course. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not all that much compared to fighting forces or casualties in the east. . The West overrates its contribution except for the amount of hardware the US sent into the war. Just like in all the Hollywood pussy views of battles and loses. Be it French or US films.

(Daeshbags-Sux) #9

I’m not anti-commie, thus they are a bit short-sighted.
Most right-wingers but Gaulists were traitors.

Needed serious air support, that’s all…

Population in Elsass and Mosel has ALWAYS been pro-French, I’m well placed to know it as I live here… :rofl:

Sorry, but the resistance is well documented. There were even areas the Nazis never managed to control at all. Actually, even in annexed areas, resistance gave them hell. Grand dad was in, in fact, they even got help from German leftists! Hopefully, many weren’t Adolf fanboys!

(Stern Daler) #10

They were siding always with nostalgia. Till 71 German - 71 till 18 French, 19 - 44 German. Then Germany had lost a war and was charged with crimes = so the Quisling region was pro French after that again.

I do not live there but I am historian enough to know better.

Sentiments appear in old records and can be read.
If You know both languages a little and can read.

An out of percentage German knight cross bearers families AFAIK had gone from there to Germany after 18. What does that tell You?

The amount of resources tied up on the East front are just as well documented. You exaggerate Hollywood style. Like an Anglo. Face it:

The casualties of one of the bigger battles there amounted to more than all the resistance together had as participants. Just the dead on one side.

The Russians and the Germans slugged it out. The Russians won. The 1 million vehicles donated by the Anglos and Hitler’s idiocy gave them the edge to win. Not the Normandy or the French resistance but Stalingrad, Kursk and Bagration… broke the German army. The defeats were made possible by the blunders of the GröFaZ corporal.

Not even 2 million French resistance fighters would have been of consequence. 400.000 are just out of scale even if they existed.

You know all that and that Germans normally do not tell You in public. Either because they do not know or because they are shy. Thus they avoid being slandered as Fascists.

I will talk as I please. The German Fascists and the Allied Fascists are the same to me. They can call me a descendent of the Fascists. I know that I am not - my Grandfather was put in KZ. The communists murdered my uncle. No political criminal is popular with me.