About the AMN Forum Feedback category

(system) #1

Discussion about this forum, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.
Please let us know if you require any improvements or have ideas.

(King Kong) #2

This is a crappy way on commenting on articles.
No more feedback from me and probably a lot less reading

(AMN Forum Admin) #3

We’d love to know what is so bad about it?
It’s the fastest possible commenting system around and loaded with features people have been requesting for ages, such as @mentions.

(isi) #4

Some people don’t like change. Leith Fadel doesn’t either. I have a month off facebook and he unfriends me ;’(

(AMN Forum Admin) #5

You sure it’s Leith who unfriended you, strange things happens with subscribers, followers and friends on socialmedia nowadays.

(Stern Daler) #6

A pity that the Forum with its capable editing features is used so little.

Is there a chance that things like <quote> quote</quote> etc. can be added to the comments under the articles on the main pages?

I just realized. I can even use html here. Had to backslash to make html entities visible.

Or does it exist and I just do not see it? Because I use K-Meleon which is not a main stream browser. It is not so frequently updated.

p.s. Both the Main page and the Forum a great in their non censor and good information policy.

Main page, Down vote should be deactivated. Some use it to censor instead of arguing rationally. Which should be tried with a person at least once.

This use is IMHO in violation of the basic politeness and spirit.